ZO® Skin Health

ZO® Skin Health develops and delivers innovative skincare solutions that optimize skin health based on the latest advances in skin therapy technologies, unique delivery systems, bioengineered complexes, and exclusive formulations. ZO Skin Health provides comprehensive skincare programs for physicians and their patients thus bridging the gap between therapeutic treatments and daily care. This allows patients to experience continuously healthy skin regardless of their age, genetics, environment, ethnicity or unique skin condition.

Our Top ZO Skin Health Picks


Exfoliating Polish

Magnesium crystals exfoliate dead skin cells to create a clear, smooth and even toned complexion.


  • Magnesium crystals provide exfoliation benefits

  • Instantly polishes skin to restore smoother texture and healthy glow

  • Removes dead skin cells to prevent clogged pores

GBL Daily Power Defense - Hero.jpg

Daily Power Defense

Powerful antioxidant serum designed to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and to address future damage.


  • Provides antioxidant protection to combat free radical damage

  • Helps tighten and firm the skin

  • Promotes skin health

2018 LAUNCH_Anti-Aging Program_305x305.png

Anti-Aging Program

A moderate treatment for the reduction of early or significant signs of environmental and chronological aging. 


  • Help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Promote a more even-looking skin tone and finer pore appearance

  • Preserve and maintain a more youthful-looking complexion

*Information from zoskinhealth.com