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Enjoy the benefits of Laser Resurfacing from Dr. Ode Young

Due to the effects of aging, sun damage and lifestyle choices, our skin can wind up looking dull, uneven and unhealthy. It’s time to reverse the damage and get back your vibrant glow with the Nano Laser Peel.

Nano LaserPeel.png

How Does It Differ?

Unlike other peels that use abrasive treatments, the Nano Laser Peel works by gently removing the top layer of skin deep enough to make a lasting impact. This innovative approach eliminates the rough, aged skin while signaling for the body to begin repairing and healing with fresh, healthy-looking cells- without the chemicals.

The Results

With this quick and effortless treatment patients can expect a smooth, flawless complexion in as little as 30-minutes. With a short 1-2 day period, your skin is healed and ready to take on the world with confidence, finally rid of: wrinkles, scars, freckles, sun damage and age spots.  

The NanoLaserPeel can be used on most areas of skin, though the primary focuses tend to be:

  • Face

  • Neck

  • Chest

  • Hands

The Perfect Compliment 

If you love Botox and Fillers, NanoLaserPeel is the perfect addition to your anti-aging treatment plan prescribed by Dr. Ode.

While we help smooth wrinkles around your eyes or mouth, indulge in a NanoLaserPeel to restore a fresh glow to your entire face.