the natural-looking way to reduce fine lines & wrinkles

Botox Injector in the Hill Country

Dr. Ode is a lover of Botox and all that it can do for women & men! Come in for a consultation at O Young MD to learn if Botox is the right anti-aging treatment for you. 

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Botox is delivered by FDA-approved injections that help eliminate wrinkles and fine lines for results lasting 4-6 months. With easy, quick and non-surgical treatments, Botox can also help remove frown lines, crow’s feet and unwanted lines across the forehead.

The Process

For a smoother, more youthful look, we recommend considering Botox for your brow areas, neck, forehead and eyes. By injecting low doses of the safe, natural protein into the treated areas, patients experience fantastic results without a distorted or unnatural look. Within a few minutes, patients are free to go back to their normal routines without skipping a beat or needing time to heal.

Botox injections Available in Kerrville, TX.

Natural Looking Results

Everyone is going to want to know your secret! Botox lasts up to four months. Please ask Dr. Ode how combination therapy with Botox can make fillers last longer and enhance their results.