AquaGold Fine Touch

Maintain & Enhance injectable results with this customizable treatment

AQUAGOLD Fine Touch in the Hill Country

We all want smooth, radiant and beautiful skin- who wouldn’t? Unfortunately for fine lines, dry skin and skin issues plague many of us and despite countless treatments, it is difficult to correct - until now. 

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AQUAGOLD is a hand-held micro-channeling device that treats large surface areas by injecting a customized mix of hyaluronic acid, Botox or other topical agents directly into the pores of the skin, rather than on top of or under.

What makes it different and better?

  • Unlike Micro-Needling, AQUAGOLD doesn’t just plump your skin but works to combat dryness, dark spots and fine lines as well. 

    Due to the minuscule size of the needles, AQUAGOLD does not tear the skin, causing bleeding or irritation. With absolutely no recovery time, we are proud to offer a system that is pain-free and effective- without stopping your life to heal.

    Each AQUAGOLD treatment is customized to fit the patient’s skin type and specific concerns. Additionally, every AQUAGOLD hand-held device is exclusive to the patient using it, making this one of the safest and hygienic treatments in the industry.

PRP and AquaGold - Why is this a must?

AQUAGOLD Fine Touch and PRP can be combined to promote a quick and natural healing process. PRP, platelet-rich plasma, helps restore thickness and reverse signs of aging. When the PRP is delivered to the treatment area, it stimulates your body’s natural healing process, initiating new collagen production, resulting in your own body producing more youthful, firm skin.

It is a natural way to treat skin elasticity, wrinkles, and aging because it addresses the cause as opposed to the symptoms.

Where can it be used and how do you incorporate it into your skincare regimen??

AQUAGOLD can be used on the hands, face, neck or chest to smooth lines, boost collagen and rejuvenate your skin.This treatment can be done alone, with PRP, and is most commonly used to enhance and maintain filler, Botox, and laser results.

No Surgery, No Downtime, Pain-Free, Amazing Results

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